Wifi Options

For the first time, XOXO doesn't have free public wifi. The reason is simple: in the last three years, the only independent companies in Portland that offer event internet services were acquired by a single company, which now charges prohibitively expensive rates for the same service, far outside of our budget.

Fortunately, cell coverage in the area is pretty solid. If you need to get online and you can't use your phone's data plan, there are some limited options.


Located on the ground floor of Revolution Hall, Marthas is a coffeeshop and bar with free, albeit spotty, wifi.

The Riveter

On the northeast corner of Washington High, The Riveter is a new and beautiful co-working space with excellent wifi. They've kindly offered to allow XOXO attendees to use the space on Thursday and Friday. Just show your badge when you arrive and they'll check you in.

Local Businesses

Several restaurants and coffeeshops in the block around Revolution Hall have solid wifi. Sweetpea Baking, Woody's Coffee Tavern, and West Coast Grocery are all within a block of Revolution Hall, and great businesses worth supporting.

Slightly further, Roseline Coffee, Good Coffee, Push X Pull, and Elevator are all great coffeeshops with solid wifi.