Note: This page was last updated in 2019. Information may be outdated and will be updated before the festival.

Connecting with Others

Attendee Directory

The Attendee Directory lists all of this year's attendees, along with links to their Twitter accounts and current projects. Note that only current attendees can view the Directory, and we ask that you keep the attendee list private. (That includes compiling public Twitter lists.) You can opt-out of the Directory in your Profile.

XOXO Slack

Leading up to XOXO, and especially during the festival, the Slack channel is a huge hub of activity. If you're not in the Slack, you're missing out on a key way people make new friends, coordinate events and activities, and follow all the action. Learn more about the XOXO Slack.

Social Media

If you're posting on social media, the official hashtag is #xoxofest.

For following along, we recommend joining the #xoxo-tweets channel in Slack, which cross-posts every tweet that mentions "xoxo" or "xoxofest" from one of this year's attendees. (Thanks to Aaron Parecki for his work maintaining this bot.)