Childcare & Families

Every year, we try to make XOXO better for people traveling with partners, significant others, or their children.

Attending with Kids

All of our venues are all-ages, and children 12 and under are welcome to attend XOXO festival events for free with parental supervision. Because of strict capacity limits, seating for the daytime conference talks on Saturday and Sunday are reserved for passholders only, but talks are simulcast in overflow rooms inside the building.


Thanks to our friends at Mozilla, we are happy to offer free, credentialed on-site childcare for the duration of XOXO through My Loving Nanny. Childcare is available Thursday 6pm-10pm during our opening party, and Friday through Sunday from 10am-10pm.

Childcare is located on the second floor of Washington High School in the Sunset Room. Follow signs for "Childcare" or ask staff for directions.

While pre-registration for childcare is not necessary, you can tell us more about your children and their needs during the registration process after buying your pass.

On-Site Registration. When first arriving at childcare, parents will be asked to fill out a registration form per child, and are required to sign in or sign out their child.

Food. Snacks will be provided, but parents are welcome to leave a bag of snacks/meals (which will be labeled) or parents can pick up their children for snacks/meals. There will be access to keep food chilled, whether a large cooler or nearby fridge.

Child-to-Nanny Ratios. - We plan to offer a 1:2 ratio for children under 1, a 1:4 ratio for children ages 1-5, and a 1:6 ratio for children 6 and older, with nannies assigned to each age group.

Experience. All our nannies have a minimum of three years of childcare experience, with background and reference checks, and CPR/First Aid training. The room will be set up in sections for age groups.

Allergies and other concerns. Families will complete a registration form for each child and indicate if there are any allergies, special instructions and/or needs. We will have a board to list any children that have allergies, specific food (snacks and/or meals) and any other special instructions to ensure all nannies are aware of these needs.

Special requests. We will have a nanny overseeing the registration table, any special requests or specific information that is passed along can be communicated at the registration table.

Nap Times/Mothers' Room. We have a separate quiet room for napping children and for feeding/pumping. We will plan nap times around the schedules provided by parents, with a nanny in the room for nap times throughout the day.

Partners & Significant Others

Demand for conference passes is extremely high, and it’s impossible to accommodate everyone who wants to go. This is especially tricky with partners and significant others, who risk getting split up if only one is randomly assigned a pass.

To accommodate partners, we’ll ask you each to name your partner in your respective surveys during registration.

If your partner isn’t randomly selected for a conference pass, they’ll be given priority access to purchase a festival-only pass, allowing them to attend everything at XOXO except the conference talks during the day on Saturday and Sunday. We simulcast talks in overflow rooms in the venue, and festival-only passholders can watch talks from there.

We know this isn’t ideal, but it’s a compromise that allows us to open XOXO to the most diverse group of attendees possible.