August 22, 2014

On Max

Since releasing our lineup this week, we’ve heard from several attendees and members of our community who are uncomfortable with Max Temkin’s involvement due to allegations of sexual assault that were made against him last month.

We made a mistake. We didn’t anticipate that his presence could make people feel unsafe, could be triggering for victims of sexual harassment or assault, and question whether XOXO was a place where they belonged.

We spoke with Max, and we’ve agreed the best course of action is that he will not be attending XOXO.

We’ve taken a zero-tolerance stance towards harassment in the past, and we will continue to do so in the future. Ensuring XOXO is a safe, welcoming, and comfortable environment for everyone is our highest priority. We’re sorry this caused some of you to question whether or not you belong here. You do.

— Andy & Andy