July 21, 2015

Let’s Get Together

Great things happen after XOXO every year: people leave their day jobs, start new projects, and make new things because of the people they met and became friends with.

But one huge thing surprised us in the aftermath of last year’s festival that we didn’t expect: people started getting together themselves.

After everyone made their way back home, in cities around the world, self-organized XOXO meetups sprang up — bringing together those who attended XOXO and those who were curious about it.

Tonight, thanks to everyone participating in our attendee-only Slack channel, we’ll have meetups happening all over — and more over the next week. (If you’re not in Slack, you can get an invite on our registration app.)

Here are some we’re aware of, and we encourage you to come along!


July 21st, 7pm, Basement Pub

SF Bay Area

July 21st, 7pm, Lost & Found (Oakland)


July 21st, 5:30pm, Alibi Room


July 21st, 7pm, Lavender Lake (Brooklyn)


July 22nd, 7pm, Ada’s Technical Books (Courtyard)


July 28th, 8pm, Nuvango Gallery