Friday, 7pm-11pm

Screenings of some of our favorite video projects with creator Q&As.

The Nerdwriter

Evan Puschak is the creator of The Nerdwriter, a weekly video essay series that “puts ideas to work,” covering film, politics, music, painting, poetry, culture, sociological concepts, and more. His videos have been viewed over 175M times, supported by 2,100 patrons on Patreon.

Hair Love

Film/TV director and former NFL wide receiver Matthew A. Cherry raised over $280,000 on Kickstarter to make Hair Love, an animated six-minute film about an African-American father trying to do his daughter’s hair for the first time. Hair Love is currently distributed by Sony Pictures Animations, featured before The Angry Birds Movie 2 in over 3,800 screens nationwide.



With her Earworm video series for Vox, Estelle Caswell makes video essays analyzing the trends and mechanics that shape popular music and the stories and sounds behind your favorite songs, from the rise of pop music’s falsetto obsession to how smooth jazz took over ‘90s radio.

Say It Loud

Say It Loud is a new PBS Digital Studios series celebrating Black culture and history, with a comedic take on identity and pop culture from Black pride movements to Black Twitter shenanigans. Producer and co-host Hallease joins us from San Antonio to show their latest episode.


SmallBü Surprise

A festival favorite, Alex and Lindsay Small-Butera are the creators behind cult animated series Baman Piderman and Later Alligator, their upcoming collaboration with Pillow Fight Games featured at this year’s XOXO Arcade. They return to our stage to show something new. But what? It’s a surprise, silly!


In his Unraveled video series for Polygon, producer Brian David Gilbert delves into videogame lore far deeper than anyone should, even if it means cooking and eating every meal in Breath of the Wild or reading all 337 books in Skyrim. He’ll debut a new Unraveled episode and answer all your burning questions.