Friday & Saturday, 7pm-11pm

Play the best upcoming indie videogames with their creators in our pop-up arcade.

UFO 50

Mossmouth & Friends

UFO 50 is a collection of 50 single and multiplayer games from the creators of Spelunky, Downwell, Time Barons, Skorpulac, and Madhouse. Jump in and explore a variety of genres, from platformers and shoot 'em ups to puzzle games and RPGs. Tyriq Plummer, Jon Perry, and Derek Yu join us at XOXO to show it off.

Spelunky 2

Mossmouth / BlitWorks

The highly-anticipated sequel to Mossmouth’s critically-acclaimed and much-loved roguelike platformer, Spelunky 2 brings a colorful new cast of characters, liquid physics, and online multiplayer to explore its randomly-generated worlds with friends. Presented by designer Derek Yu.

Get in the Car, Loser!

Love Conquers All Games

A lesbian road trip RPG about fighting for love and justice in the face of indifference, Get in the Car, Loser! is inspired by choice-driven visual novels, with a battle system influenced by classic and modern JRPGs. Presented by writer, programmer, and designer Christine Love (Analogue: A Hate Story, Ladykiller in a Bind).

Samurai Gunn 2


First shown at XOXO Arcade in 2013, Samurai Gunn is back with a new adventure mode, letting players adventure with a friend through a medieval metropolis on the brink of crisis—or battle each other with improved controls, new levels, and new characters. Producer Adam Robezzoli joins us to show off an early multiplayer build of the new versus mode.


CatBean Games

Calico is a calm and cozy cat cafe simulator where you pet cats, decorate your cafe, and hang out with witches and magical girls, funded earlier this year on Kickstarter with the support of over 2,700 backers. Creative director Kells joins us from Seattle to show off their work in progress.

The Wild at Heart

Moonlight Kids

The latest from Portland’s own Moonlight Kids, The Wild at Heart is a gorgeous action-adventure based around childhood escapism, following a 12-year-old boy named Wake who must take command of a loyal swarm of magical creatures to stop the all-consuming Never before it’s unleashed upon the world. Presented by designer Justin Baldwin, programmer Chris Sumsky, and musician Amos Roddy.


Die Gute Fabrik

Mutazione is a mutant soap opera, a lushly hand-illustrated adventure game with an ensemble cast of loveable mutant characters, each with their own juicy personal drama to explore. Die Gute Fabrik co-owners Nils Deneken and Douglas Wilson join us from Copenhagen and Melbourne respectively to show it off.

Killer Queen Black

BumbleBear Games

Five years ago, we brought the first Killer Queen cabinet to the West Coast, finding a home for the legendary ten-player arcade cabinet at Ground Kontrol. BumbleBear’s Nik Mikros returns to XOXO with Killer Queen Black, an all-new take on the arcade game, optimized for home consoles and PCs with online multiplayer and up to eight players.

Later Alligator

Pillow Fight Games / SmallBü Animation

In this unique collaboration between Pillow Fight Games and SmallBu Animation, Later Alligator is a charming hand-drawn adventure following the story of Pat, an alligator embroiled in a conspiracy in his hometown of Alligator New York City. Presented by SmallBu’s Lindsay and Alex Small-Butera and Pillow Fight’s Conrad and Jo Kreyling.


Chevy Ray Johnston

Ikenfell is a heartwarming turn-based tactical RPG about a school of magic and its troublesome students, with a soundtrack from Steven Universe composers aivi & surasshu. Designer, programmer, artist, and writer Chevy Ray Johnston joins us from Vancouver, BC.

PIGSquad Showcase

The Portland Indie Game Squad is a local nonprofit supporting game development and indie game enthusiasts with events and resources. Like past years, they’ve curated an incredible showcase of locally-made games, and the designers of each will be on site to talk about their work. Featured games include Cat Lady, Gato Roboto, Wildfire, Arcade Spirits, Garden Story, We Met in May, and Don’t Give Up.